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Normally, this is where musicians try to impress you with all the big names with whom they’ve played, and all the famous venues where they’ve performed, and all the recordings they’ve made. And although I have done some of that kind of stuff, it’s not of much consequence, and I’d have to stretch the truth a little (OK maybe a lot) in order to impress anyone. Suffice it to say that I stand on my musicianship, my experience and my commitment to my fellow musicians to try to perform to the best of my God given abilities. And a deep desire to make the listeners experience enjoyable, interesting, and memorable.

Be that as it may, you probably wanted to read something more interesting or entertaining here, so ….

Way back in 1965, after moving back to Rock Hill from Timmonsville and Florence, SC, on one of my first days in the fifth grade at Ebinport Elementary, an announcement came on the intercom in the middle of class – “Will all new students please report to the auditorium”. Well, at least that’s what I thought I heard. Anyway, I got up, went to the auditorium, and found myself with a handful of students sitting at a table with a short balding old gentleman with a gruff voice – Mr. Mackey. He began talking about music and practicing and schedules. And the other students seemed to understand what was going on and Mr. Mackey talked to each of them. Well, when he got to me, he asked what I was doing there. Not wanting to appear stupid (which is hard to do when your 10 years old), I mumbled something about wanting to learn how to play an instrument. He asked if I had any musical training. I told him I had taken piano lessons. (I had actually taken piano in Timmonsville for a grand total of three months but I didn’t get into that little detail.) So he then asked what instrument I would like to play. Hmm.., I had no clue. But I had once played a toy drum in a children’s church choir (“The Little Drummer Boy”). And I had pantomimed Ringo once with my sister and her friends when they were in their Beatlemania phase. So I said, drums ….. or, maybe a flute? He said only girls played flute. And, so began my musical career as a drummer.


I got my first drum set (from Sears and Roebuck) Christmas 1968 (thanks, mom and dad!). And by the summer of ’69 (could be a song?), I was playing in a band with (at one time or another) Dennis Jordan and Scott Bristow, to name a few who are still playing today. And BB and David Hailey to name a few who aren’t.

All the rest is kind of a blur at times. I’ll save those stories (at least what I can remember) for some other time.

And as us good Lutherans are fond of saying –

Peace be with you….

All of us contain Music & Truth, but most of us can't get it out. – Mark Twain
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