Chuck's Biography

Currently, I am the Lead Vocalist of this fine band. Mostly I just sing. This is what I love to do. Sometimes, circumstances require a second guitar. If we can’t find someone in the audience to play, then I’ll take on that job as well. The artists that have most influenced me musically are Elvis, Fats Domino, The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers Band, Frank Zappa, and Little Feat. I also loved Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin because I thought it was really cool that they could sing so well while holding a drink and smoking a cigarette.

My musical career began in a Greyhound Bus Terminal in Houston , Texas way back in 1959. I was 5 years old when my father shoved my 2 year old sister and me into a recording booth and put a dollar worth of quarters into the coin slot. I sang “The Battle of New Orleans ” and little sister did back-up. Two or three minutes later a freshly pressed disc popped out and that performance was immortalized.

I went on hiatus until the sixth grade when my dad fixed up my great-grandfather’s old, beat up Stella ¾-size guitar and taught me three chords. Soon after that, I entered a talent contest at Finley Road Elementary School in Rock Hill where I won $5 for playing “Daydream” by the Lovin’ Spoonful. Almost immediately, 3 other friends and I formed a band that we called “Blue Moon”. The band consisted of a drummer and three rhythm guitars. We were awesome!! Oh well, we had a lot of good times.

After that, I was in a succession of garage bands with various friends. These bands were fun but they never went anywhere.

In the late 70’s, I started playing with a really talented musician by the name of Nash Lyle. We played acoustic rock and roots music at coffee houses, bars and the odd private party. Later, we added a bass player, Joel Estes and another singer Olivia Shepherd and added Irish / Celtic music to our repertoire.

In late 1980, I started playing with a band called “Wizard”. We played a lot of non-commercial rock music and our commercial success was in line with our repertoire. The best part of this band was that I began playing with my current “band-buddies” Skeeter, Danny and Kevin.

After “Wizard” broke up, I started playing in a band with Tim Jones (owner of Woody’s Music). We called our band “MIX” (or 1009, inside joke) It is here that I met Russ, our current keyboard player.

Meanwhile, Skeeter, Danny, Kevin and our current guitarist, Eric formed a band with some other musicians. They named this band “Weekends”. I think they wanted a keyboard player so they asked me to join in the hope that I would drag Russell along with me. Well, their gambit paid off and they were so grateful that they let me stay in the band.